Kaldi Coffee

We at AIM have recognised an increasing demand for a premium coffee offering and have recently introduced a coffee solution under the brand name Kaldi Coffee Republic.
In a partnership with British machine supplier Fracino, we can supply a package that features the coffee beans as well as the coffee machine.

We use 100% Fairtrade Organic Arabica beans which have been sourced and selected from a number of different growing regions in the Americas, North Africa and Indonesia. We use this blend as we have worked with a number of Clients who are complimentary about the strength and depth of flavour.

The beans are then locally slow roasted in a traditional drum roaster. We feel that the roast is integral to the overall success of the product, the consistency of flavour is paramount and many years of experience in roasting the traditional way adds to the appeal of our bean.
Our Fairtrade status is critical to our integrity as a bean supplier – we are comfortable in the knowledge that all of the relevant systems are in place from our sources to ensure that quality goes hand in hand with the welfare and care of the regions.

Our taste profile caters to a UK profile as we feel it matches well with the British preference of a full bodied cappuccino or latte because of the great blending with milk, but also performs well as a refreshing shot.

Part of the offer also includes a ground coffee in 70g packs for commercial use and a Luxury 100% Fairtrade and Organic Hot Chocolate which is gluten free with no additives.

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